Thursday, March 4, 2010

We have moved...

To all our dear followers, we wanted to make sure that we leave no one behind as we move over to our new blog site which we are very excited about.

To change across, please click here and don't forget to enter your email address so that you will hear about all our latest blog news. Blogging is big on our agenda this year and we have lots in store for you.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Invitations Range - Launching March 6 at Mathilda's Market!

It's been a crazy start to the year for The Party Studio! We've been busy not only celebrating parties for our own little ones, but also in bringing a new level of class for everyone to share in!

Between us, with 3 daughters and 8 little-girl oriented parties under our belt, we'd explored a whole realm of parties for girls. But when it came to planning our first Mr 1's big event, it was all a bit new. We could have done trains, or dinosaurs, or pirates, but nothing seemed to suit the little man but a Little Man party! The search was then on, but despite looking high and low, nothing really fit the bill. It was time to invest our own time and effort into making it happen. And here's what we came up with.

Not wanting to do things by halve
s, we didn't stop there. We loved the Argyle Print theme of our Little Man invites that the whole party was based around it! Mealboxes, juice bottles, placemats, even the cakes and the birthday boy's outfit were all themed to suit!

And just what did the Little Man think? Of course, he slept right through it! But never mind -- we had so much fun doing our own design work that we decided to go ahead and design some more! Actually, designing our own invitation range had been on our wishlist for a while... so we are thrilled to bits to be launching The Invitations Range from The Party Studio at Mathilda's Market in Sydney on March 6.

The Invitations Range is The Party Studio's brand new line of personalised invitations made just for your little darling! Designed and made in Australia, these quality invitations come in a range of delicious themes and are customised for your child. Each invitation comes complete with a magnet, high-quality envelope and co-ordinated envelope seal, and is bound to 'wow' your guests even before they arrive!

Don't miss the Sydney Mathilda's Markets for your chance to get the first glimpse at this exciting new range!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Meet our friend Little Sooti

If you haven't met Little Sooti, then you must!

Visit her and you will see why. She has gorgeous style and an eye for all things beautiful...and I'm not just saying this because she likes our work or because she's asked us to be a regular guest on her blog as the Party Experts - which, of course, we are (wink, wink)!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Little Man turns 1

Mr 1's big day finally arrived...and it was pouring!

Nevertheless, the party continued as planned. The perfect, outdoor location sheltered us from the peltering rain which turned into a sprinkling shower and eventually ceased, fifteen minutes before the party began.

We had lots of hungry mouths to feed. Noodle boxes were just the right size, plus a touch of argyle created the perfect finishing touch! Personalised wooden cutlery was another detail that wowed the guests.
Our jelly cups turned into jelly shots because of the warm weather, but this did not stop anyone! Packaged cupcakes are not only a great take home party favour for your guests, but they look oh so gorgeous. It also meant that we didn't have to worry about cutting up and serving cake so it's great for picnic parties.

The lolly buffet was a hit with all the little (and big) kids!

A simple yet effective alternative to balloons - flags!

We hope you enjoyed the pics as much as we enjoyed putting the whole party together!
A huge thank you to Ron from Beautiful West Photography who did an amazing job.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Something boyish...

So you have a boy and you are in search of party decorations that aren't too 'pretty' but have style?

I think the latest trend would be the good ol' fashioned pinwheel. Simple, fun but still 'man-ly'. That's why I've spent the last two nights this week putting together pinwheels for my little man's first birthday party. Not only do I have some great table decorations, but I also have callouses on my thumbs to show for it.
In an ideal world, I would have been organised weeks ago and ordered my pinwheels from Pinwhirls. I was pretty chuffed that I was thinking decorations two weeks before the party, but sadly, I had still missed the boat! Determined not to let this thwart my plans, I set about getting all the bits and pieces I needed, as well as find some not-too-complicated 'how-to' instructions. You won't believe just how many different ways you can make a windmill.

Heather Bailey, from hellomynameisheather has instructions on how to make a real pinwheel masterpiece. Fortunately for me (it looked tricky), this design was a little too girly for my little man so I decided to stick to the more simple and traditional pinwheel. Pigeonhole have instructions on how to make a pinwheel.

With a helping hand from DH (to drill small holes into the sticks), here are my masterpieces (stay tuned for many more pics of the big day)...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Great Cake Hunt!

Several weeks coming into a party, panic mode always sets in - usually while I'm tossing and turning in the middle of the night.

"I can't believe I only have a few weeks left to get everything organised! Where did all the time go? How am I going to get everything done?" My DH just shakes his head at me every time and offers his advice of "Don't worry about it! Let's just have a sausage sizzle and keep it simple." Now don't get me wrong - simple is great!

But simple is just not me (my DH was warned before we got married)!

For the first few parties, I made an effort to make the birthday cake. Here are a few piccies of my creations!
They might have looked ok, but I must admit that they didn't necessarily taste the best all the time. Thank goodness icing has many similar properties to glue!

After several parties where I would spend an entire day (and the early hours of the morning) solely concentrating on the birthday cake - it dawned on me that there are so many talented and creative people out there who could do it faster and better! (More about these people in a later blog.)

I've been lucky to have some of these experts design some of their creations for my little girls. Did I feel like a bad mum??...Nah! Just a smarter one.

Having said all that, I must confess that this year (or should I say, in a few weeks time), I've decided to tackle the task of making the cake once again. I've just signed up to a cupcake decorating course with The Cupcake Fairy (aka Dee). Dee has assured me that all will be ok! Let's hope I can have a good night's sleep tonight.

Monday, November 23, 2009

High Tea for Little Miss 3

Here are some piccies of the High Tea we put on for our little girl...

It was certainly a posh affair! Cucumber sandwiches, scones with jam and cream, mini chocolate eclairs all washed down with a cup of apple juice 'tea'.

The cake (created by lushcups) was nothing short of spectacular. A chocolate cake (personal request from the birthday girl) beautifully topped with a red and white polka dot teapot which perfectly matched the table decor and invitations.

Thanks goes to Martha Stewart for these giant pompoms!