Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Amelia's Party - part I

My daughter had her long-awaited fairy party on the weekend. A 10am start meant that I was up late finalising the last minute bits and pieces, trying to ensure I wasn't running around crazy in the morning whilst feeding my 11 week old, cooking food, dressing the girls, setting up, tidying up the house and welcoming guests all at the same time!

I was determined to be asleep no later than midnight which is a great achievement compared to past years. I had decided to order the cake rather than spend hours mixing icing sugar to get just the right shade of pink. I tried to keep the food as simple as possible and of course, they were all things you'd find in fairyland! We had pink jelly, skewered pink and white mini marshmallows, fairy bread stars, fruit balls and as a special request from the birthday fairy - cheezels. Keeping everything mini not only looks adorable but it means that there's less wastage.

I presented food in meal boxes (pink of course) and the marquee we had set up was draped in pink (we used plastic tablecloths instead of tuille - cost effective with great results). Satisfied with all my preparation, my daughter asks me on the morning of her party, "What colour will my party be? Blue?"

Oops...in all the hoohah of preparations, I'd forgotten that blue is her favourite colour! Fortunately, she was very understanding and told me that both pink and blue are her favourites!