Friday, May 1, 2009

Amelia's Party - Part II

So how did I go about entertaining 15 little fairy princesses?

I had some craft set up for children to do when they arrived. It was a picture of a fairy ready for them to colour, paste and glitter to create a magical masterpiece! We practically had to drag the little fairies away from the activity to start the next game. The girls were so engrossed that you could hear a pin drop! If only I knew what a success it would be, I would have just given the children lots of paper and other art materials and let them do their thing!

After craft, we played the much loved Pass the Parcel (or as Amelia calls it "Pass the Castle"). Instead of wrapping a present in each layer (which is the politically correct thing to do these days!) I placed 16 presents in a gift box with a lid. Each time the music stopped, the child would open the gift box and choose one of the gifts.

The little fairies then flew off to our front yard (the only part of our garden that has plants) and went on a lady bug hunt followed by bubble blowing. After lunch and cake, we squeezed in a home made game of pin the star on the fairy wand.

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