Thursday, February 4, 2010

Something boyish...

So you have a boy and you are in search of party decorations that aren't too 'pretty' but have style?

I think the latest trend would be the good ol' fashioned pinwheel. Simple, fun but still 'man-ly'. That's why I've spent the last two nights this week putting together pinwheels for my little man's first birthday party. Not only do I have some great table decorations, but I also have callouses on my thumbs to show for it.
In an ideal world, I would have been organised weeks ago and ordered my pinwheels from Pinwhirls. I was pretty chuffed that I was thinking decorations two weeks before the party, but sadly, I had still missed the boat! Determined not to let this thwart my plans, I set about getting all the bits and pieces I needed, as well as find some not-too-complicated 'how-to' instructions. You won't believe just how many different ways you can make a windmill.

Heather Bailey, from hellomynameisheather has instructions on how to make a real pinwheel masterpiece. Fortunately for me (it looked tricky), this design was a little too girly for my little man so I decided to stick to the more simple and traditional pinwheel. Pigeonhole have instructions on how to make a pinwheel.

With a helping hand from DH (to drill small holes into the sticks), here are my masterpieces (stay tuned for many more pics of the big day)...

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